«YOU are my reflection»



When spring could not yet choose between the usual snow and the first greenery, newlyweds are in no hurry to go for photo shoots and for the wedding somewhere in nature. A city wedding is beautiful in its brevity for the off-season - we checked it out and were satisfied.

Egor and Nastya spent the whole day in a hotel in the center of Moscow. Joint gatherings, champagne for breakfast and sweet chatter of lovers. Everything is convenient, everything is close by. There is no need to hurry anywhere, to drive, getting stuck in traffic jams, from the place of ceremony to the wedding hall.

Incredible pictures from the view hotel changed the time of day: the view of the Mead, Moscow City in the setting sun, the lights of the big city - everything we love in this city was reflected in the windows and glossy surfaces of the stylishly decorated wedding hall on the 20th floor of the hotel. And all this - without leaving one location. To spend your big day in comfort - isn't it happiness?
Organization: Studio NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Azimut Hotel Smolenskaya
Decor: Andrey Isakov
Photo: Alexander Dzyubchuk
Video: Maxim Osipatov
Host: Maxim Kritsky TOP15moscow
Dress: Rosa Clara