NOVA Wedding&Event wedding agency has been organizing beautiful weddings and family events for over 14 YEARS.

During our work we have managed to create unique events for hundreds of couples. Bright and memorable celebrations of our happy clients took place in Moscow and Moscow Region, Crimea and St. Petersburg, in Italy, Greece, Poland, on the Cote d'Azur of France and exotic Seychelles, Dominican Republic and Mauritius. The geography of our events is vast, and the creative component is limitless.

Fascinating decorations, properly selected restaurants and exclusive villas, carefully thought-out script and European level of service - all this qualitatively distinguishes us from other organizers of private events and weddings.


    Art Director

    Natalia always bursts with ideas and instant solutions! Mastermind and creator of the project, whose smile helps to solve immediately any situation on the site.

  • Alexandra
    Event manager,
    couple coordinator
    Alexandra is a project manager as well as the bride's personal assistant. She is inseparable with the couple on the day X during the whole celebration.
    Event manager,
    program coordinator
    “Magic wand” of the team, always on standby and keeps everything under control. Can lead the project from A to Z, knows all the subtleties of national weddings.
  • Ekaterina
    SMM and content manager
    Responsible for fashion, visuals and beauty. Always knows the trendiest Reels and the hottest topics for our brides.
Each year, NOVA Wedding Agency wins a variety of awards in the wedding industry, including:
"Best Wedding Agency. Wedding Magazine's Choice" - Winners of Wedding AWARDS in 2015
"Best Wedding 2020" - Winners of the WHITE Awards in 2020
"Best Wedding Project 2016" Finalist of WEDDING AWARDS'16
Wedding Magazine / October, 2015
Wedding Magazine / January, 2016
Cosmopolitan / January 2014
Cosmopolitan / January 2015
HELLO! / December, 2017
White Sposa / December, 2020
Wedding Magazine / July, 2019
White Sposa / December 2021
White Sposa / June, 2020
White Sposa / 2024
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