Walk in the clouds, wedding in the Alps, Italy



Three day wedding. Weddings in the Alps on the border of Italy, Switzerland in South Tyrol.
When you are three thousand kilometers above sea level, anything can happen. For example, it can snow at the end of June. This is the Alps, South Tyrol, so nothing unusual. But Hugo seemed a little upset by this moment. After all, the snow fell just before his wedding, the area where the banquet tables for one hundred and twenty guests were to stand turned into a snowdrift.

On the other hand, the snow harmonized perfectly with the main theme of the wedding. Hugo is in love with everything Russian, especially Darina, his bride. But still, the snow was cleared from the venue, feasting in a snowdrift is too exotic even for the mysterious Russians.

And this was probably the only artificially introduced detail of the wedding. Otherwise, the rustic style, so appreciated in Tyrol, implies only the most natural. The program was extremely intense. The wedding began the night before with a cozy pre-party. And in the morning the guests could appreciate the beauty of the Alps during hightailing.
Then there was a solemn ceremony and banquet right on the mountain. In the evening, there was a gala dinner by one of the most famous Michelin chefs. And only from local products - that's the style, that's the principle. But the principle of the band that performed at the evening was completely different. Native Italians, they learned five songs in Russian!

The next morning the guests left: some to a neighboring village, some to the other side of Italy, and some to Russia. But everyone took with them warm memories, love for the Alps and joy.