".... Good afternoon, dear guests! Thank you for finding the time and putting aside all your business, gathered here today, in such an unusual place, a place where all the elements come closest together: the purest mountain air, and such an unusual edge - the very edge of the earth, colored by incredible sunsets, and the fire of the sun, falling every evening directly into the water.

And today this place - where all these elements are united by the main human all-encompassing element - its name is LOVE..."
This is how our ceremony began at our Wedding in Crimea. You can see a lot more about it by tag #weddingonroofCrimea
This Crimean wedding adventure began on the first day after arrival for Anja and Yura with a shoot on the top of Mount Demerdzhi, the highest point of the peninsula. From the shooting itself and its results was breathtaking, from the cold restrained everything else????

To get up at three o'clock in the morning (or is it still night?) to climb to the place where only foxes come and eagles arrive, to see the sun and say to each other... no. Say nothing. To hug and stare and be silent.
And shiver with delight.

And then there were three more hot Crimean days: and velcom-preparty, where the main decoration was the sunset, guests got acquainted, drank wine, danced barefoot on the grass.
And the Main Wedding Day with a wedding ceremony by the water and an outdoor party. This day ended with almost all the guests dancing in the pool, of course, after the newlyweds themselves were the first to jump into the pool ????.
And after-party with swimming in the open sea right from the yacht....

And then the newlyweds and their 14 guests stayed with them for a few more honeymoon days and traveled along the beaches and coast of Crimea - for this we should say knockdown and closed borders:)

Well, and the guys Yura and Anya we say a huge thank you for the fact that in November, when we just started preparing for the wedding, easily responded to our adventurous proposal to go to the Crimea for the wedding. It was the best decision ever! Thank you.