Who's cooler - Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter? It's a tough choice. But when you're soon-to-be ten years old, you don't have to choose - you can combine them. You can stop time for one evening - and then look for details of the mysterious mechanism to start it again, so that after ten there were eleven, twelve... twenty, thirty and so on.

What is cooler - a quest, dancing or tricks? Why choose when you can combine them and get to the Hogwarts ball through the magic mirror labyrinth?
This was a very responsible project for us. Firstly, the client was Konstantin Khabensky himself. That is, a man who is quite difficult to surprise with anything, but he will notice any inaccuracy, any non-ideality with the eyes of a super-level professional. Perhaps he will keep silent, smile, but he will notice it. Secondly, the main hero of the event was Ivan Khabensky, who turned ten the next day. On the one hand, this is the age when cute games "and imagine that this box is a starship" - already ridiculous, on the other - still not lost the ability to believe in miracles. And so what is required of us is an ordinary real miracle. That's all it takes. And thirdly, all gifts to Ivan on his first anniversary went to charity. That is, to some extent the fates of people whose lives depend on quite a finite sum depended on us.

To say that we had a great responsibility is not to say anything. But we did it. It was an evening of real miracles. And it was not even that famous illusionists showed their skills on stage. Miracles happened in the hall. When an adult solid man, rigidly managing a serious business, blurred into a childish smile. When a cold and impassive diva dances dashingly at the request of a little sorceress dance-spell. When a sophisticated cynic gasps with surprise and delight, clasping his hands to his mouth.
When people laugh and cry without hiding their feelings - is this not a real miracle?
Concept and organization: NOVA Wedding&Event
Restaurant: Shakti Terrace
Photo: Igor Khrustalev
Decor: Zgodina Anna
Host: A2forkids
Number of guests: 40 people
Preparation time: 1 month