We love Halloween. It's that rare day of the year when you can show the world who you feel you are. The quiet "gray mouse" suddenly turns into a fatal collector of broken hearts, and the strict head of a large company - in a cute cartoon character. This is a carnival, and a carnival "allowed" for adults, unlike New Year's Eve, which belongs to children after all.

This particular event was memorable because of the unusual nature of the task. First, the participants wanted minimalism. No actors, no musicians, no surprises or shows. Just a group of longtime good friends, dancing, socializing - no frills. Except for a makeup artist - to create carnival images for those who came "in the usual".

Secondly, many of the participants planned to bring their children with them. It's great when children and adults spend time together, it brings the family closer together, but for Halloween, we found the task challenging. After all, adult Halloween implies a certain amount of frivolity (after all, with the man of your dreams flirt not you, and the bloody nurse, whose costume you are wearing), a lot of alcohol (and when else to try a cocktail, frightening one composition), a lot of really horrible horrors (we, adults, anything can not frighten). We will not read moralizing and argue about whether such a set is suitable for children, we are more important than the other - children are unlikely to be interested. Is that a problem? No, it's a challenge!

And we accepted the challenge. And we fulfilled all the wishes of our customers. We acted completely "guerrilla-style". For example, the makeup artist held a master class for children, and then offered to create their own "tattoo salon", then turned into a cooking match, and then - in a dance competition. And then the united children's team itself found topics for conversations and interesting activities. And the adults... The adults had as much fun as they could. No strangers - but new appetizers appeared on the tables, music reacted sensitively to the mood of the company, and the light became intimate and muted, then festive and bright. And no magic. Well, maybe just a little bit.