Dagestani wedding "Reflection of mountain lakes"


Said and Aziza are young Moscow surgeons, a very beautiful and tender couple. Young and modern, they are fond of sports, beautiful machinery, and exotic cuisine. At the same time, they both come from Dagestani families with a traditional way of life.

And they wanted a wedding to match themselves: modern, stylish, but at the same time - fitting in with the traditions. The main character of the celebration, apart from the young people, was to be the bride's grandfather - not only the eldest in the family, but also the man who brought up Aziza - because her parents were busy at work.

We were looking for an image that would unite modernity and tradition, the flow of life, constant renewal and eternal permanence. And this image was the river.
These are the words the registrar used to greet the young couple:
Dear Said and Aziza! I congratulate you on the fact that you have met each other - and decided to start a family. Remember that a family is like a river. At first it is a small stream, which is fed by mountain ice and tributaries. These are your ancestors. It is because of their precepts that you know how to build a family, how to start your journey. Then the river flows through the mountains. It is turbulent, fast and very clear. Gradually other tributaries pour their waters into it. These are your friends and relatives who will help you in word and deed if you encounter pitfalls on the way of the family riverbed. The river becomes wider and fuller. Now no stones are no longer afraid of it. It flows, mighty and beautiful, giving its water to all around. Remember that the main thing is to preserve the purity of your river, the purity that you received from your distant ancestors, and the purity that you will give to your descendants. Remember that you cannot divide the water in a river into that which flows out of one source and that which flows out of another. In the same way you cannot be divided now, each of you has a particle of the other. Remember that the river cannot be turned back. Therefore, I ask you to answer whether your decision to unite into a family is sincere, mutual and free.

And when both Said and Aziza agreed, the dancing began. As turbulent as a mountain river and as smooth as a flat river. Traditional and modern. Solo and general.

And between the dances there were videos about Said and Aziza and their love, admonitions of elders and wishes of equals, traditional rituals and stylish video interviews.

The evening ended with the most unusual cake we've had so far. It was brought out right on the roof, from inside it was illuminated with blue lights, and it was crowned by an icy, and in fact, caramel sculpture of two beautiful fairy-tale unicorns - the amulet of their family. This light was reflected in the eyes of the young ones and in the eternal waters of their family's full-flowing new river.
Organization: Studio NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Svetly
Decor and floristics: EasyWed
Photo: Zhenya Garton, Kira Nevskaya
Host: Denis Lazarev
Dress: Elle Saab, Zuhair Murad
Number of guests: 120 people
Preparation time: 10 months