Power of love, wedding in the Moscow region


On the very first day of summer, NOVA Wedding&Event agency organized a stylish and airy wedding for famous food blogger Yana Galitskaya @kissofflower and her lover Nikita.

"We wanted a wedding devoid of theatricality. Modern, secular and comfortable for our guests, in a place where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. And, of course, it had to be perfectly organized. And I am glad that we managed to create the very atmosphere we dreamed of" - the bride shared her emotions about the celebration.

Lightness and romance permeated this wedding celebration in everything. The flying airy plume of the bride's outfit, eco-decor, perfectly blended into the atmosphere of the country estate, voluminous floral arrangements of heavy cream roses, braided with a fanciful pattern of branches, ballerinas, as if fluttering in the air on their pointe shoes among the guests, and, of course, the suspension bridge, on which Nikita first saw his bride Yana and could not contain his emotions....

The bridge became the main symbol connecting the hearts in love and another main stage. It was on it that in the final of the wedding the newlyweds, heading towards each other, said their vows and the main words, under a stunning firefall, And the final fireworks and fireworks show became a bright culmination of this luxurious wedding!

Organization: Studio NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Sareevo Residence
Decor: Andrey Isakov
Photographer: Alexey Kinyapin
Videographer: WelcomeFilms
Bride's dresses: Blanche and Lazarobridal
Host: Arsen Kipera
Rings: Tiffany