Sergei & NASTYA


It's great when newlyweds have their own "thing". For example, Sergei and Anastasia have their own song.

"So be my rhythm" is not just a hashtag. It's a line of their song that has become special.
Sergey wrote the song and proposed to Nastya right during its performance at their friends' wedding. Exactly one year later, they were married.

No, he is by no means a musician, but an international lawyer. But when She is around - his soul and his guitar sings.....
Enjoy their story, their almost Italian (this fountain!) wedding, filled with many stylish details that you want to look at endlessly. Feel the atmosphere of summer mood and catch the rhythm of their happy day.
Organization: Studio NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Hotel Seneschal
Decor: Lova Decor
Photo: Artem Vindrievsky
Video: Alexey Gerbov
Host: Sergey Matrosov
DJ: Igor Dumchenkov
Stylist: Lera Rogodzhan
Technical support: FT sound
Cover band: Triton
Humor video: FF prol
Gigauri, String Duet, Emotion Bar, Best Show