Wedding in Uglich



One of our most fun weddings was that of Anya and Anton. We had it both far and near: in the ancient city of the Golden Ring of Russia, Uglich, which is about 300 kilometers from Moscow.

Why Uglich? It's just that once we were passing through there, the guys saw a stunningly beautiful view of the Volga with a snow-white rotunda, with an old manor house, with history. So, they wanted to take all their friends and parents to show this view. After all, it is for the views that we go most often to Italy, Portugal or France, for what else (?) and here right at our side is such beauty....
And also Anya didn't want Anton to see her in a wedding dress before the wedding ceremony on the river bank, but she wanted to organize a walk and a wedding photo shoot. That's why in the photo and in the clip you see her in a cherry dress from VeraWong, at the registration ceremony in a snow-white satin and embroidered wedding mantilla, and at the wedding banquet in the manor in a silly funny pink hat:)

After all, it was a wedding in Uglich, a wedding in Russia, which means that we could go wild and have fun as we wanted and as our soul asked.

Everyone danced at this wedding, both locals, and guests, and random visiting American tourists, and the newlyweds, of course, and the hosts, and we-organizers, and waiters even....
Just the idea of the wedding video was to shoot a new version of the music video for a famous hit. It turned out great, didn't it?
Organization: Studio NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Uglich "Golden Ring of Russia"
Decorator: Preobrazhenskaya Larisa
Photographer: Julia Frantova #top15moscow
Videographer: Andreev Media
Bride's dress: Vera Wang
Hosts: KP Duo
Number of guests: 55 people
Preparation time: 2 months