BVLGARI style wedding, Moscow region



YOU probably remember the publications in all the glossy magazines about the unique wedding with snakes, which was celebrated by Vera Shakhova and Andrei Bogdanov, the host of Radio Carnival 92.8 FM. We can proudly say: "We did it!". And this wedding was a real challenge for us.

First of all, the bride and groom's friends - media personalities: actors, musicians, TV and radio hosts - were invited to the wedding. Secondly, Vera is not only a famous radio host, but also, in part, our colleague. That is, she understands the whole "kitchen" and will notice any attempt to do things "the easy way" or "the usual way" at once. And thirdly, the timing. Vera and Andrew have long met, but due to high employment, until the wedding was exactly a week. For all the preparation - from the idea to the beginning of the celebration.

And the bride had a new, interesting and extremely unconventional idea: to make a wedding in the style of BVLGARI.
Of course, you could do it in a formulaic way - concentrate on wealth, gold, jewelry stones. But this is a superficial association, and besides, "expensive and rich" is always a bit tasteless. So we decided to penetrate deeper into the BVLGARI style.

And among the brand's collections we found what we needed - the Serpenti collection. It seems that the idea to rhyme the "snake" theme with wedding is a bit radical. A snake is not the most charming animal. But at the same time, let's say a serpent biting its tail is an ouroboros - a symbol of eternity. Also, the snake is a symbol of wisdom. A long wise marriage is a good wish for established individuals, which Vera and Andrew are. Plus, snakes are beautiful. Yes, the wedding ceremony involved real live snakes. They gladly posed in the embrace with the guests at the photo shoot, basked in the spotlight on the art objects, in addition, the "snake style" - flowing lines, scaly elements, original bracelets, gifts for guests - were present in the interior design and décor of the wedding.
The second feature of BVLGARI that we took for the wedding is the play on nuance. Not flat colors - but shades, not shouting, but hints. It seems to be a multicolor, but obeying strict laws, and therefore not motley, but harmony. Very difficult color solution was embodied by our designers in everything, starting from the images of the bride and groom (muted contrast of the bride's dress of ivory and serenity colors and noble blue shade of the groom's suit) and ending with invitations for guests. The theme of jewelry was supported by the original arch in the form of an engagement ring.

All the senses of the guests worked to create a unified BVLGARI style. Italian melodies caressed the ear. Italian wines and cheeses delighted the taste buds. The sense of smell unexpectedly caught a note of Goldea Bvlgari aroma coming from the menu and seating cards.

And the most original and touching gift for the young people was the performance of Italian songs on saxophone by Ramis Shahverdiyev, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, who is also the father of the bride.
Organization: NOVA Wedding&Event Studio
Idea author: Vera Shakhova
Venue: SOHO Country Club & Beach Hotel
Decorator: VIPbuket, Jadore Decore
Photographers: Katya Romanova
Katya Skazka, Valeria Pershina, Alisa Gutkina, Sergey Korchuganov
Videographers: PartyVision_Wedding
Bride's dress: Speranza Couture
Host: Igor Bogdanov "Autoradio".
Master of Ceremonies: Olga Mazhara "Love-radio"
Technical support: BSound Production
Fireworks: Zargana show