My heart is in the mountains, a wedding in Georgia



"Where the mountains sing in unison with love".

The Caucasus fascinates with its multifaceted character. Snow in the mountains and hot steppe, gentle sea and subtropical groves, modern metropolises and medieval castles - all this can be found within a couple of hours' drive from each other.

Going for a wedding in Kazbegi we were looking for exactly this: silence and purity, eternity of mountains and tranquility, modern food and perfect background for a wedding. And also the natural style of decor blended so harmoniously here, it seems that there can be no other in Georgia. A floral wreath at the bride's side, haystacks instead of chairs for guests at the ceremony. Of course, the arch with wildflowers.... I wanted to sing.

Which, of course, they did. Both guests and newlyweds, and a real Georgian ensemble. And these sounds were lost somewhere high up in the mountains, remaining forever, together with the words of love, said at the ceremony....

Organization: NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Kazbegi Spentsminda
Photographer: Alexander Litvinchuk
Dress: Rosa Clara