50 shades of blue, wedding in Santorini, Greece



We met the future newlyweds at a big wedding exhibition, and at that time they were still planning to organize their wedding in Moscow. Later, already at one of our meetings, the bride Evgenia confessed to us that she had long dreamed of a big Greek wedding with a view of the sea and mountains at the same time, and also, preferably, to feel the inexpressible flavor of some sea country. And she was confused, as usual, transportation of guests to the place of celebration, and in general she could not imagine at that moment, how it all happens ...
Just in case, we calculated two options for the wedding, not knowing yet whether the guys would choose a wedding in Moscow or decide to have a wedding abroad, a wedding in Santorini.

Having heard us and seen an adequate option for an off-site event, the groom now supported his bride's dream - a wedding on the Greek island of Santorini, against a background of snow-white houses, turquoise sea and azure domes of ancient temples.

In order to dispel the last doubts of the guys, we provided for their guests all the best: the most convenient flights, transfers and visas, as well as comfortable accommodation in hotels. The main difficulty was, of course, adult relatives, but the newlyweds managed to persuade them to go on a long journey, so that the holiday took place.

For those whose age already inspired respect, and the desire to fly was still so zero, the newlyweds offered a small family banquet after the registry office in Moscow. The rest of the modern young friends and relatives of the newlyweds, went on the road, because without them the celebration simply could not take place.

And everything took place! Incredibly touching wedding ceremony on the background of the azure sea and the Caldera volcano. Delicate wedding flowers, elegant image, white veil and a happy smile on the bride's face. And that endless turquoise.... Turquoise of the sea, sky, domes of Greek churches - here they are "50 shades of blue"!
Concept and organization: NOVA Wedding&Event
Location: Santorini Island, Greece
Photo: Anna Bezrukova
Decor: Garnet
Host: Slava Nikitin
Dress: Rosa Clara
Number of guests: 45 people
Preparation time: 5 months