Dragos and Julia are a very serious couple. Engineers, sincerely devoted to their work, spending their days designing and managing serious facilities.
And they prepared for their wedding seriously. Julia even bought a special wedding moleskin and wrote down in it all the "want" and "categorically do not want".
Quickly and without hesitation named their favorite color - grass green, chose the main theme of the decor geometric shapes. In general, it was easy and convenient for us as an agency to work with them. But we were afraid: suddenly such serious people would want a serious wedding without a single smile and surprise.

How pleasantly we were wrong! It turned out that all participants of the wedding are ready for creativity, surprises, creativity.

Original and stylish table decorations - geometric compositions - were created by the groom's grandfather with his own hands!
Friends and girlfriends of the bride and groom prepared a flash mob, which was a great surprise for the young.
But the main surprise was the groom's gift - Dragosh wrote and sang a song for Julia together with "Matchki Band"!

In the end, the wedding turned out to be very whole. From the photo session near Moscow State University, where our newlyweds met in pairs, to the last chord of music and departure of the young people to the hotel.