Wedding at Villa Rotonda


Nikita knows what he wants.

It is very important for a man to be able to say "yes", "no" and "I said". And Nikita said so and more than once during the time that this wedding was created. It doesn't matter how old a man is. He's either already a man or he hasn't grown up yet. Nikita is a real one. Yulia was lucky to have him. And in all other respects, too.

The preparations for the wedding lasted a year. With a break for lockdown and quite understandable worries of the couple about postponements, cancelations, guests. But it all worked out. And the celebration took place on the appointed day and hour according to the clearly planned plan.

The most fashionable place in the Moscow region, which most brides dream of, was chosen instantly, the style of snow-white wedding, only slightly tinted with a gentle amber blue and powder shades, approved from the first sketches. The rest - the program, plus the shooting of the love-story film, plus a lot of cute details gradually filled this wedding with meanings, stories and emotions. And also love. And that's the most important thing.

Организация: Студия NOVA Wedding&Event
Локация: Вилла Ротонда
Декор: Андрей Исаков
Фото: Максим Евмененко
Видео: Хлюстов-фильмс
Платье невесты: Reem
Диджей: Павел Шамрай
Ведущий: Алексей Харис
Количество гостей: 160 человек